- Social entrepreneurs are necessary catalysts for change in the global marketplace -

Einstein Rising has moved away from traditional aid models in order to circumvent aid dependence and wealth redistribution by assisting in the expansion of economic advancement through the creation of wealth. This wealth creation system is led by socially conscious African entrepreneurs. Our method guides social entrepreneurs along their journey utilizing mentorship, practical tools, and rigorous programs so they discover how to successfully run and grow their company.

Einstein Rising resources advance individuals’ skills, knowledge, and other assets that ultimately benefit the economy, ecosystems and communities


Social Enterprise for Africa (SE4A)

They are supported throughout the entire process to ensure their ideas are turned into prestigious businesses. In creating an infrastructure based on business advisement and development, Einstein Rising helps entrepreneurs access the necessary tools in order to not only create their socially and environmentally inclusive companies but also to create lasting and profitable businesses for years to come.

'Profitable activism.' With social enterprise we measure success based on people (the social impact), planet (environmental impact), and profit (financial bottom line). The triple bottom-line approach improves efficiency of free market activity and ensures the business owner, society, and the environment benefit from the business. This method of support to Africa includes facilitation of free market activity, cultural awareness, knowledge transfer, and accessibility.This move towards wealth creation has a trickle-down effect in decreasing poverty throughout entire communities via job creation and the positive effects of businesses on customers and their individual communities.

Social Enterprise Capital Raising (SECR)

Paving the way for an inclusive and thriving economy.  
In effect, Einstein Rising is ushering in a new era of inclusive institutions throughout Africa, beginning in Uganda. Each entrepreneur receiving investments will be giving back to the next generation of incoming leaders, change makers, and wealth creators.

Corporate Responsibility 


The are the way we as an organization give back to the community and planet. Skills 4 Change and Social & Environmental Outreach are held on a monthly basis in various communities and are an addition to our primary programs.