SOLUTION At Einstein Rising we commit our resources to people and ideas that create wealth by transforming their communities and our environmental. Our curriculum helps entrepreneurs think through their business model. What they want to accomplish. Access startup capital. Nothing fancy. But, it's effective, that’s its power. 

CHALLENGE 77% of Ugandans are under the age of 30. With no jobs and entrepreneurship is a way of life. Two years running they were voted the most entrepreneurial country in the world with the highest rates of failure. Meanwhile 130 billion dollars in aid goes to Africa every year. Best intentions do not correlate to impact on either side. 


Health care

Living Wages


Human Impact

WE ARE the entrepreneur revolution is disrupting the system, investing in people living in the margins, giving them power to drive permanent change.

Small- Medium Size Enterprises

Business Development


Startup Capital Investment

Economic Growth


WE HAVE over 150 graduates and no respect for the status quo.


Ecosystem Integrity

Land Conservation

Waste Management

Environmental Impact


WE SEEK profitable ways to beat some of the biggest challenges of our time, failure is not an option.


Social entrepreneurs are becoming necessary catalysts for change in the global marketplace. Einstein Rising is moving away from traditional aid models in order to circumvent aid dependence and wealth redistribution by assisting with the expansion of economic advancement through the creation of wealth. This wealth creation system is led by social conscious Ugandan entrepreneurs who are driving permanent change through their businesses by improving the quality of life for both people and the environment. Its methodology guides social entrepreneurs along their journey utilizing mentorship, practical tools, and rigorous programs so they can find the answers to successfully run and grow their businesses and income. Einstein Rising invests its resources to advance and improve upon individuals’ skills, knowledge and other assets that ultimately benefit the economy, businesses, community, and the individual.