Our Story

Einstein Rising was formed to help African entrepreneurs access to the necessary tools to create a successful business within their communities. We believe these socially conscious businesses will pave the way for a new Africa.

Einstein Rising was founded in 2014 by Executive Director, Alexis Chavez. After working for various non-profits throughout Africa for 10 years, Alexis was witnessing a pattern of cyclical poverty and obstacles that were hindering autonomy in individuals and communities. The various non-profit projects were heavily focused on organizational agendas that did not seem to be flexible or contextually relevant. Alexis saw a need for moving away from aid-only programs and believed there was a better and more tangible solution to alleviating poverty.Feeling frustrated by what seemed like a limited scope of African non-profit organizations, Alexis returned to America in 2013.

The following year, a former colleague in Uganda called Alexis in the middle of the night, excited to share an entrepreneurial idea that could increase his income and benefit his community. This phone call, in addition to her heart for Africa, its culture, people, and wildlife, renewed her passion to make a change and work to move people out of poverty by empowering them with a sense of ownership over their lives and income.

The solution was to introduce and implement a system of social enterprise for entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs are becoming necessary catalysts for change in the global marketplace. Einstein Rising is moving away from traditional aid models in order to circumvent aid dependence and wealth redistribution by assisting with the expansion of economic advancement through the creation of wealth. This wealth creation system is led by social conscious Ugandan entrepreneurs who are driving permanent change through their businesses by improving the quality of life for both people and the environment. Its methodology guides social entrepreneurs along their journey utilizing mentorship, practical tools, and rigorous programs so they can find the answers to successfully run and grow their businesses and income. Einstein Rising invests its resources to advance and improve upon individuals’ skills, knowledge, and other assets that ultimately benefit the economy, businesses, community, and the individual.

About Us

Einstein Rising’s business development curriculum trains the next
generation of social entrepreneurs. They are wealth creators with
profitable ideas to tackle human and environmental issues, driving
permanent change.


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