Corporate Responsibility Programs are the way we as an organization give back to the community and planet. Skills 4 Change and Social & Environmental Outreach are held on a monthly basis in various communities and are an addition to our primary programs.

Skills 4 Change is one of the our corporate social responsibility program with the core intentions of giving back to the community. Jobs are hard to come by so we offer practical skills training like making soap, books, charcoal briquettes, stoves, sanitary napkins and candles. We are nurturing unemployed youth, women, men and street kids for self-reliance and financial security and independence.

Social & Environmental Outreach is our corporate environmental responsibility programs through which the organization gives back to the community by the planting of trees or cleaning up slum areas while sensitizing the community about the environment and health solutions.  

Staff and entrepreneurs get their hands dirty alongside community members to create a healthier living environment. Activities revolve around garbage removal, recycling and sanitation or the culture tree planting for food security, health and better livelihood.