Social Enterprise For Africa The Business Accelerator

Our flagship program aims to train, mentor and source seed capital for socially conscious entrepreneurs. Its is the backbone of our work. We have developed a specialize curriculum for socially minded African entrepreneurs of various educational backgrounds and with little to no access to capital. The course work, classroom activities and workshops help them navigate the core of the business development process.

What We Offer

-Business planning & development-

-Peer and expert coaching-

-Financial modeling-

-One on one mentorship-

-Investment readiness preparation-

-Access to investor-

-Startup capital investment-

Poverty and unemployment rates are on the rise in Uganda, despite decades of traditional aid pouring into the country. More than a quarter of African countries have more poverty now than ever before. Additionally, 90% of Ugandan youth entering the job market are currently unemployed. However, Uganda has been deemed the entrepreneur capital of the world though most businesses fail in the first three years. Einstein Rising created the Social Enterprise for Africa (SE4A) program in reaction to this gap between the number of businesses created in the country and the extremely high failure rates. The social business accelerator program includes coursework and mentorship to support social entrepreneurs free of charge. Local entrepreneurs utilize local resources to move their communities out of poverty as they build wealth and an inclusive economic system in the free market. The concept of the triple bottom line – planet, people, profit – drives each business. Einstein Rising has developed a team that provides an infrastructure of support from start to finish and makes financial investments of $5,000- $10,000 into the strongest businesses. In return, Einstein Rising receives a 10% return on gross profits annually which provides funding for development programs and outreach.

Business Development Services

Selected entrepreneurs will complete a business development workbook over the three month period of the course. It walks you through vital documents and skills needed for starting a company. The business development workbook will reflect topic taught in the classroom and includes topics such as social entrepreneurship fundamentals, marketing, finance and much more! Upon graduation you will have created a strategic business plan. Our goal is that you are confident and ready to launch your company.

Events & Special Programs

These sessions, workshops or events are organized by management and usually hosted by successful entrepreneurs or our partners organizations. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into topics in a relaxed and fun setting.

Pitch Day

Twice a year we host a 'pitch day'. It is an opportunity to pitch your company to investors in hopes of securing funding after graduation. You will be required to have a professional and well prepared presentation before you will be approved to participate. As you prepare we have many resources to help you stand out. It is a huge opportunity to have the undivided attention of dozens of investors. Oh, and you only have 5 minutes! 

One on One Coaching

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. As you move through the business development workbook and class you will be able to set up sessions to get a little extra guidance on areas that are causing you a little trouble. If you live far from our home base in Kampala, Uganda video sessions or phone calls can be arranged.

Mentorship and Networks

Our local mentors, program managers, board of directors and US staff will provide their time, personal networks and expertise to you when necessary. They bring invaluable knowledge from various sectors such as business development, financial literacy, marketing, environmentalism, community development and legal advice. Our network is constantly growing as accelerator program graduates have begun to take on mentorship roles as well.


Investment or Self Sufficiency

If you graduate from the Einstein Rising Social Entrepreneurs for Africa accelerator program and fully develop your company you will be candidates for investment opportunities. Einstein Rising offers investment capital to a select few entrepreneurs each year. Einstein Rising receives 10% of the companies gross profit for ten year in exchange for the investments made. INVESTMENTS IS NOT GUARANTEED.  Please do not apply if you are only looking for funding. We are a full service business development organization and our priority is to help you create a strong foundation for your company.