Einstein Rising was formed to help African entrepreneurs access to the necessary tools to create a successful business within their communities. We believe these socially conscious businesses will pave the way for a new Africa.

Our Story

After working for non-profit organizations in Africa for years, Alexis Chavez was disenchanted with many forms of aid implementation. She had spent years participating in projects that were proving to be unhelpful for communities. She was frustrated with organizational agendas that were not flexible or contextually relevant. She left Africa to go home to America in 2013 feeling disenchanted.

The development of Einstein Rising was a response to her first years in Africa. Her idea for Einstein Rising was born in 2014 when a former Ugandan colleague called her in the middle of the night.

It was bright and early in Uganda and he wanted to talk about starting an NGO that provided fuel efficient stoves to his local community. Together they determined that he could turn his idea into a social business instead. They reasoned that a social business could help his community while also earning him money to be financially independent. Alexis started helping her first entrepreneur to develop a business plan and launch a successful social enterprise. This process created the framework for the way the organization is run today.

Ever since that night, Einstein Rising has supported African entrepreneurs to pursue their social business ideas. Einstein Rising is proud to be a supportive organization that allows all entrepreneurs to lead their own way and make decisions that are helpful and relevant in their communities. Einstein Rising has learned from Alexis’s experiences that change can and should be affected from within communities. Einstein Rising is an organization that values perspectives and solutions of all kinds.

Our Partners