We are supporting locally driven economic development strategies that are tightly bonded to principles of humanitarianism and environmentalism. We implore the world to support to Africa under a new lens. The new strategy is, “it’s their strategy”, we are here to facilitate when we’re needed. Einstein Rising entrepreneurs will have access to our resources in order to lay the foundation of a prosperous business venture. Most importantly we acknowledge and give a voice to individuals who lack access to the proper channels to grow.

We support their vision and plan to create a stronger future for their community and environment. We provide problem solvers the tools for developing lasting solutions. We mentor local talent by nurturing the intelligence and resourcefulness of the entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs throughout Africa work with Einstein Rising seeking business development and access to our network of mentors. Our model applies principles of socially conscious capitalism to generate profits from social and environmental good. Together we create wealth, perpetuate development and alleviate poverty through the preservation of culture and ecosystems.