Women In Technology

While media is becoming one increasingly important factor in guiding how we live and interact in our globally connected world, it’s obviously not the only factor. Yet it’s clearly an important factor especially when it comes to coordinating,mobilizing,giving very up-to-the moment information and ensuring a morale boost of great immediacy to those participating in political or social change like Lina Srivasta. Einstein rising was lucky to be part of this session of an innovation strategist on the 23rd of May 2018 from the USA that uses media to evoke change and empower women,children,refugees…thanks to hive colab in collaboration with US mission Uganda and Women In Technology Uganda for this informative session many women got to share ideas on how to start up their own businesses and even yet use social media to really market their goods especially for those in business already and above all no one is voiceless we all have a voice!!!!!!

Kampala, Central Region , Uganda