Social Innovation Awards

  • Start: June 15, 2018 12:00 am
  • End: June 15, 2018 12:00 am
  • Speakers: erisingrising

On 12th April 2018, we were lucky to witness the Social Impact Award ceremony of SINA 30 kilometers away from Kampala in Mpigi town.
SINA(Social Innovation Academy) is a unique learning environment empowering marginalized youth,Opharns and Vulnerable Children ,refugees and others to become job creators rather than job seekers by nurturing innovative project ideas in to social enterprises with a positive impact on society and the environment. These projects include among others:
.Up cycling which encompasses how to create houses from plastic bottles.
. Flooring from plastic bags and egg shells.
. Making briquettes out of bio mass.
. Art and crafts making from plastic bags etc.
Dear reader….did you know any other use of plastic bottles except carrying cold beverages and being a soccer ball for the village kids???!!! You will be surprised at how useful plastics and wastes are at SINA and yes there are lots of zealous young people with very unique business ventures though lack the start up tools, network of international professionals, and capital to successfully carry on with their plans and ideas.
We were mesmerized to see how innovative these young people are. Instead of throwing these bottles in the town trenches be of help…collect them and also try being innovative with them…

Brian look on as Julian touches and feels the work of Innovation
SINA Village, Mpigi, Central Region , Uganda