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The #PioneerNight was a tremendous experience having hosted a reputable creative mind of #Safeboda narrating his journey to such a success. His captive statement from him, “Don’t craft anything quickly but take time, mold and build a great thing then success is inevitable" EinsteinRising photo
2 days ago
When you do your back to school shopping at, Amazon donates to Einstein Rising. EinsteinRising photo
3 days ago
On this #WorldHumanitarianDay we recognize and honor the works of #WomenHumanitarians for strengthening the global humanitarian response A great deal of masses is in need of humanitarian aid to support for them in various appropriate ways
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4 days ago
We call them the 3P’s i.e. People, Planet and Profit. Any SME’s with these aspects is welcome in to our #AcceleratorProgram that uplifts business. Follow the link

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5 days ago
Crucial aspects to consider that will make you an entrepreneur of ages you desire to be!

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6 days ago
The strenuous team values of social development thus causing positive social impact in different communities by providing business development programs and corporate social responsibility initiatives.This month a #TreePlantingOutReach awaits too

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