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Einstein rising community outreach #Uganda.
we succeed together because we all have goals and dreams.
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4 days ago
On May 22, Facebook opened the NG_Hub in Nigeria, its first flagship community hub space in Africa. The social network has pledged to train 50,000 people across the country.
7 days ago
Prime Day starts today! Don't forget to shop through July 17 at & Amazon will donate to Einstein Rising EinsteinRising photo
1 month ago
We are hiring a well qualified social media manager.
Do you have a strong plan to help our online presence grow?
Apply by emailing a five point plan to info to be consider. CV is optional.
Deadline ends: July 1st đź“·: @einsteinrising
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2 months ago
As African Entrepreneurs, we are disadvantaged in that there is no blueprint for making it as an African in business with only 25Billionaires on the whole continent to look up to so all we can do is start with what we have. #nothingchangesuntilsomethingmoves EinsteinRising photo