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We commemorate the first black president of South Africa who died on this day at the age of 95, Nelson Mandela became the country’s president and was revered worldwide as a fighter for #humanfreedom

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We express our gratitude to the different partners supporting our #treeplanting campaign. Share with us yours? EinsteinRising photo
2 days ago
It's the climax of the year and a few steps in to #2020. We check with our #2019 resolutions only to find our #SE4Africa has trained and mentored over 100 social African entrepreneurs in 5 cohorts

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4 days ago
An #entrepreneur:
1. Imaginative mindset to envision new things
2. Persistent progress toward innovative solutions
3. Passion of learning anything beyond just your circle
4. People oriented ventures must be your target
5. Perseverance and willingness to hold challenges.
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5 days ago
#WorldAidsDay2019 themed “Communities Make the Difference” recognizes the essential role that communities have played and continue to play to increase HIV awareness and call for an increased response to move towards ending the HIV epidemic

#WAD2019 #health #socialchange
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