Einstein Rising is a business accelerator for Africa’s social entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurs develop or create businesses that improve people’s lives, protect the planet and make a profit.

The Future of Africa
is Entrepreneurship

We want to collaborate with African entrepreneurs who are looking to build or expand a business in their home country.

We help accelerate development by providing support and training on business plan creation, financial management and marketing as well as networking and start-up capital opportunities.


Entrepreneurial Revolution

Albert Einstein once said, “Nothing changes until something moves.” We are looking for entrepreneurs who exude passion, innovation and creativity. We are looking for entrepreneurs who can move Africa forward – and we can help.


Get Involved

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Protecting the Planet

All applicants must have a business idea that conserves or protects the planet in some way. Protecting the planet is important for all people and companies and we want to promote companies that value that.

About Us

What do we do?

We provide business development services to Africa’s social entrepreneurs.

We are a business accelerate for entrepreneurs who want to solve a social problem, protect the planet and make a financial profit.

Why are we needed?

The future of Africa is entrepreneurship.

We exist to empower passionate, innovative and creative entrepreneurs. We give them support as they fulfill their visions for stronger communities and a healthy environment.

Why are we different?

We acknowledge and give a voice to innovative entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional growth avenues.

We believe in the self-determining power of our entrepreneurs. Our strategy is to respect and support the entrepreneur – not to tell them how to run their business.

 Do You Have An Idea?

Your idea must meet our four criteria:

1.Unique—You should be a true entrepreneur with an idea that is different than any other existing company.

2. People—Your company should address a social problem. It should improve your customer’s life or your community.

3. Profit—Your company must be for-profit.

4. Planet—Your company must conserve the environment or protect nature.


What we can offer you

Business Development Services

Selected entrepreneurs will complete a business development workbook that walks them through vital documents and skills needed for starting a company. The business development workbook includes topics on entrepreneurship, marketing and finance and creating a strategic business plan.

One-on-One Coaching

Entrepreneurs are guided through the business development workbook with one-on-one coaching sessions. They are given critiques on their work and then make revisions later on their own. They have access to our team of mentors and advisors all the time, but the majority of help is given during these sessions. Entrepreneurs that live far from our home base in Kampala, Uganda have sessions through video or phone calls.

Mentorship & Networks

Our local mentors, program managers, board of directors and US staff provide their time, personal networks and expertise to the entrepreneurs. They bring invaluable knowledge from various sectors such as business development, financial literacy, marketing and legal advice. Our network is constantly growing as Einstein Rising accelerator program graduates begin to take on mentorship roles as well.

Outreach Programs

These sessions are led by our country program managers who emphasize Einstein Risings mission and share how we can be of value to interested individuals. These events are usually held in collaboration with universities, savings cooperatives, church groups and at town hall meetings.

Investment & Self Sufficiency

Entrepreneurs who have completed the Einstein Rising program accelerator program and fully developed their company will be candidates for investment opportunities. Einstein Rising offers investment capital to a select few entrepreneurs each year. Einstein Rising receives 10% of the companies net profit for two year in exchange for the investments made. This model was created so as an organization one day will be completely financially independent.

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